• Radio Ministry : Produce  radio messages that are aired every  Our messages are aired in about 20 radio stations in D. R. Congo.

In the radio Ministry our aim is to Encourage, Educate and Empower.


  • Television Ministry: We prepare and produce television programs that share with television stations and share on Youtube.
  • Our aim is to teach, train and transform lives through television ministry.

Drama :  We write scripts that dramatize and  record stories in order  minister.  We produced a film in 1999. Vita ni Mubuya ( War is Bad)


  • Writing Ministry

Brochures:  We write and print brochures that we give away free of charge

Books:  We have books  for  teenagers, youth, singles, parents, couples and motivational books.

Our aim in the writing Ministry is to help people Discover who God is, how He can transform lives and  help them Decide and Develop into godly people.


  • Music Ministry: We compose songs and record them in music albums.

Our Aim in the  Music ministry is the  Celebrate the goodness of God, Counsel people and Comfort them.

  • Online Ministry

We use the internet to reach out to people.  We use social media,   blog and our  web site to share a message of hope, harmony and peace.

In the  Online Ministry we seek to listen , lift up and lead people to Christ and in the right direction.

  • Seminar / Talk: We minister through conferences and talks.

Through our seminars we want to invite people to Christ  give them the truth of God’s Word and inspire them.





We believe everyone is important and deserves:

Hope    Life is full of challenges, crises and complications.  You need hope to live. Hope encourages us to aim at something, act with courage and achieve our plan.  When a person loses hope, he may miss his mission, meaning and miracle.  With hope people are able to start, stand and succeed.

Harmony   One needs peace within, with God and with other people.  Wherever people are, problems can emerge. Though we may disagree, we should not despise one another. Though we differ we should not distance ourselves. Though we disappoint one another, we should not destroy one another. We need to make sure we live in peace and unity by loving and respecting everyone because everyone is valuable in God’s eyes.   Where there is harmony there is  peace, progress and prosperity.

Healing   When a person is strong inside, he or she will be stable outside.  Your soul, mind  and heart need healing from  past wounds.   Our soul, mind  and heart  affect our physical, emotional and mental being. We all have suffered either from our past, present situation or from poor perception.   If one is not healed, they can hurt themselves, harm other people. That is why There Is  Hope  For  You Ministry is dedicated  to  encourage, empower and equip people in order  to bring  healing  to the person, homes and communities.