The challenges of life have left many people, hopeless, helpless and heartbroken. That  is why There Is Hope for You  seeks to offer the message of hope, healing, and harmony

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea4:8). The lack of knowledge leads to messes, mediocrity and misconduct. Through our teaching we seek to address problems that teenagers, youth, single people and couples are facing.

We believe that people need to Discover who God is  and  that they are created in  His the image,  they are  able  to live with courage, confidence  and commitment.

Nothing can happen until you decide. There Is Hope For You seeks to   inform, inspire and instruct so that one is  able  to Decide how to  choose, commit and carry out their God’s given purpose. The best decision one can make is  to give his or her life to  Christ.

We believe everyone is important and has a purpose to accomplish in life.  As a ministry, we equip, empower and encourage people so they can Develop (grow) and become Focused, Faithful and Fruitful.

We are compelled to do the will of God (Psalm40:8).  We believe we are born to bless; we were created to connect with God and His people.  Each one of us has a purpose to accomplish.  What motivates us as a ministry is to solve problems, serve and show the love of God.