Prov 11:25

A generous man will prosper;

he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed

People have issues; we cannot sit and wait but need to come to their rescue.  You and I are the Solutions. We need your prayers and partnership.

No gift is too small.  Please consider a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly support to help us reach millions of people with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Your support will enable us to provide solutions to problems that many teenagers, youth, singles, and couples are facing by providing them with Biblical teaching that transforms.

Mpesa  Kenya: 0722539397

Bank: KCB , Account: 1144771641,  Account Name:  Mulengya Syaviha  J/A

Your prayers will enable us to stand, serve and succeed in what we do.


As a partner, we need your Connection, Counsel and  Contributions.


You can:

  • Connect us to churches and organizations where we can minister. Be an ambassador for There Is Hope For You; tell people about our ministry, messages and mission .
  • Counsel us regarding your solutions, suggestions and support
  • Contribute your money that will help us minister, meet needs and make a difference in the lives of many people.

We want to minister every minute.  Every minute someone is listening,  watching and reading our messages of hope, healing and harmony.


  • Our books are blessing many; our broadcast messages are building many lives. Our ministries have the potential to minister to millions of people across continents. Your support will help us accomplish all the above ministries and expand our reach.


Thanks in advance. May the Living God richly bless.
For any question please free to contact us: Syaviha Mulengya,
Tel: +254 722 539 397,
+254 734 125 250

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