Syaviha Mulengya is a mentor, motivational speaker, media personality, musician and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His great passion is sharing a message of hope, harmony and healing.  In 1999, he started the There Is Hope For You that works with teenagers, youth, singles and married couples, helping them to Discover Truth that can help them Decide and Develop their potentials, purpose and passion in life.  He has been in the ministry for over eighteen years. He holds a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Peace and Reconciliation from Daystar University in Kenya.  For Syaviha, everyone is very important despite their past, present situation and perception. He believes that we all need hope in order to start, stand and succeed in life. His plan is to train and teach in order to transform society. His unique style of three points makes his messages easy to remember.

Syaviha’s articles, music, daily devotions, television and radio programs are a blessing to many around the world. Some of the books he has authored are: Men Are Crying And Women Are Weeping, Secrets For The Singles, Enjoy Your Life, You Have Bright Future; Do Not Give Up; How To Make Your Spouse Happy, Secrets For Happiness, Secrets For Teens And Youths, Secrets For Parents,  A Happy Wife Makes Amazing Husband, Forgive and Be Free and many more. Syaviha is married to Rafiki Kavuya Syaviha, a Gospel musician, with whom they have three children; Blessed, Best and Brilliance.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and prayerful support.

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