About US

About US

Tubariki is Swahili word Bless Us.


Our vision is to promote peace, hope, love and unity.
We believe peace is precious, where there is no peace is problem, pain, panic, poverty and persecution. Where there is peace is there is progress, prosperity, possibility, praises, and profit.
We encourage peace with yourself, peace with your neighbor, peace with the nature and peace with your Maker.
We use the brochures, music, radio, television, drama and internet in promoting peace.

We reach out through the following ways;

1. Brochures
We write brochures that we give free of charges to people. We research and write on different topics. We distribute our brochures in public places; hospitals, schools, churches, offices, buses and so on. Among the brochures we have written and distributed are; Men are Crying and Women are Weeping, Forgive and be Free, Hate Hatred, Seek Peace, Peace is Precious, Everyone Needs Love, Enjoy Your Life, Dealing With Discouragement, Danger of Anger, Weigh Your Words, Just Trust, Enjoy Your Youth, Why Me, Focus on The Future, Count on God, Take a Step of faith, and many more.
Our brochures are in English, French and Swahili, our desire is to translate them in other local and international languages.
We have distributed over 100,000copies in 14countries in Africa, that since 2003. The feedback is encouraging.

2. Radio messages
We record radio messages that are aired in different radio stations. We are in about 20 radio stations in Congo. In our radio messages we share a message of hope and peace. We have series of messages for 5minutes and also for 15minutes. We have more than 1000audio messages ready to be aired. We are reaching people in Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burudi, Uganda and Kenya. Those have listened to our messages have been touched; the feedback is encouraging.
Our radio programs have been aired in the D.R.Congo by the following Radio stations:
Bukavu – Radio Neno la Uzima, Radio Rehema, Kahuzi,
Goma- Radio Alpha Omega, Sauti ya Injili
Walikale- Radio Rutshuru, Radio Com, Radio Commaunautaire de Kanyabanyonga
Kiwanza- RTDH
Kichanga- Kichanga Radio
Radio Evangelique de Butembo (REB)
Radio Adventist de Rwese,
Beni- Radio Evangelique, Radio Télévision Graben(RTGB), UCBC Radio,
Kisangani-Radio Télévision Pécheur d’homme
Bunia- Radio Candi, Radio Tangazeni Kristo.
Buta- Radio Racor Rubi
Kenya- Citizen Radio, Biblia Husema Broadcasting , Bahari Fm, ATG Radio, Biblia Husema Broadcasting Lokichoggio.
Our vision is to reach Africa with a message of hope and peace using the radio and television. Pray for us.
We praise the Lord for using our broadcasting ministry to help, heal the hearts and homes. The feedback is encouraging.

3. Music
We have music, we are promoting peace and hope through music, we have several music albums, among them Rafiki Bora and Tarajia Mema… In Kenya, one of our music was voted no 1 on Citizen Television, which one leading television station. Our music is blessing many people.

4. Drama
We aim at producing radio and television drama. In 1999, we produced series of drama on war, in promoting peace in Congo. Our desire is to continue with drama and movie.

5. Internet
We have online resource, youtube account, a blog, a web site full of encouraging messages, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGWMXycNEU, http://www.syaviha.wordpress.com, http://www.tubariki.org, http://www.youtube.com/user/syaviha

6. Teaching
We share a message of peace and hope in churches, conference, schools and seminar. We do motivational talk.

We are kindly appealing to your support. Your donation will help us to reach more people with message of peace, hope, love and unity.


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